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About SYIL

SYIL Machine Tools Co. Ltd. is a family-owned business. We develop and manufacture precision CNC machine tools to carry out CNC machine and drilling tasks. We originated in 2003, and from that moment, we have supplied more than 12000 machines on an international level. 


Over the years, we have formulated an international sales partnership network to facilitate global sales. We have dedicated factories in Ningbo and Shanghai to proficiently carry out development, production, and assembly processes. All our factories abide by international and local standards and regulations to assure quality production and operations.  


At SYIL, we pride ourselves in moving forward to integrate improvements in all areas, especially in ensuring environmentally friendly and sustainable production. We assemble machines, but we also take the wheel in producing and manufacturing machine parts. 


Our processes are vertically integrated to ensure optimal precision across all our products. Moreover, we also have quality and environmental management certifications per the standards set by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

As of now, SYIL Machine Tools Co. Ltd operates in more than ten countries worldwide. We are becoming one of the leading names in the industry. 


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Our mission

- Improve and enhance the machine tools industry
- Improve the technical standards for the world to produce and provide quality products
- Create superior and compact high-speed, high-precision machine tools to streamline processes
- Enhance and balance the company's development and well-being of employees

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Our factories

We have established plants in Ningbo and Shanghai, where our staff abides by all relevant quality and sustainability regulations. Our teams are trained to work per the quality assurance procedures based on ISO 9001:2015. We make sure all our processes use methodological approaches to certify the safety of workers and the environment. Moreover, we've deployed modern methods and trained people to deliver exceptional products that our clients have come to love.

SYIL - A leading name in CNC machinery

Worldwide delivery

SYIL has the resources and expertise to ship machines straight from China to any customer globally.

ISO 9001 certified

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. Our factories follow all the quality standards in all stages of our manufacturing processes.

CE and CSA compliant

Our machines comply with international CE (European standards) and CSA (Canadian) standards for machinery.

Responsive international support

We provide responsive customer care to all our international clients. You can reach out to us for expert guidance on purchasing the right machinery for your needs.

People who make it all happen


Mr. Xushuo



Mr. Ken Zhang

International Sales Manager


Mr. Chen

Quality & Support


Mr. Wesley Wang



Mr. George



Mr. Frans Buikema

International Marketing Manager

Mr. Xushuo