Product Description
Engine Lathe series including C6180/C6280 series mainly used to undertake various turning works such as turning inner and outer cylindrical surface, conical surface, revolution and end surface etc., and also used to turn all kinds of threads including metric thread, inch thread, modulus thread, diameter pitch thread etc.,the dimensional accuracy of parts and axles processed can reach IT6 standard.   The descended product series gap-bed lathe including CW6280 are suitable for machining discoid and non-circular parts of bigger diameters by increased swing diameter.
    6180C 6280C 6180BQ 6280BQ
Swing over gap
Φ800 - Φ1000 -
Max. Dia. swing over cross slide mm Φ480   Φ550  
Distance between centers mm 3000      
Main motor  kw 11     15
Spindle bore mm Φ104      
Spindle speed r/min 18 steps: 5.4-720  

18 steps:


Size of tool section mm 30×30   32×32  
Max. rotation angle of tool post ° ±60°      
Leadscrew pitch(mm) mm 12      
Cross slide travel mm 450      
Carriage rapid traverse speed mm/min 4000      
Tailstock quill diameter mm Φ100      
Tailstock quill taper mores m5#      


Distance between centers

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