The whole slant bed lathe machine series SLGP-630

Product Description
Capacities Max swing dia over bed(mm) φ630
Max swing dia over slide(mm) φ300
Max machining diameter(mm) φ600
Max workpiece length(mm) 1000
Travel X axis(mm) 350
Z axis(mm) 1110
Max moving distance (mm) of R axis (tail) 1280
Feeds X axis ball screw 4010-C3
Recommended X axis motor torque(N•m) ≥15
Z axis ball screw 4010-C3
Recommended Z axis motor torque(N•m) ≥15
R axis ball screw /
Recommended R axis motor torque(N•m) /
Body Angle of inclination 45°overall casting body
Rail span(mm) 466
Sleeve type spindle unit Max spindle speed(rpm) 2600
Spindle hole(mm) φ88
Shaft end type A2-8
Inner hole taper 1:20
Spindle  motor (kW) 15
Optional:Hydraulic chuck 10 inch
Hydraulic tail unit Top diameter (mm) φ90
Top sleeve Max stroke (mm) 120
Top sleeve taper MT5

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