Small precision CNC lathe SLPS-30

Product Description

S-30 is a popular S-50 sibling, is based on the original model of high processing performance and high operability of the CNC milling machine developed a low price and miniaturization.
S-30 is suitable for small dishes, highly efficient shaft parts processing.


Items Unit SL-30S
Capacity Maximum rotating diameter mm 300
Standard machining diameter mm 30
Max. processing diameter mm 100
Max. processing length mm 100
Bar machining diameter mm 22
Amount of mobile X axis mm 200
Z axis mm 180
Y axis mm ±55
DynamicKnife Power motor kw 0.4
Speed rpm 3000
Beating mm 0.01
Number 3
Spindle Speed rpm 4500
Spindle end specification A2-4
Hydraulic chuck specifications mm 25
Bore mm 36
Tool carrier Tool Post Type Rank reamer 
Square shank height mm 16
Boring bar shank height mm 20
Feed speed Feed rate mm/min X:18/Z:18
Tailstock mandrel taper bore -
mandrel travel mm -
mandrel diameter mm -
Tailstock body travel mm -
Motor Spindle motor kw 3
Feed-axis motor kw X:0.75/Z:75
Hydraulic pump motor kw 0.75
Cutting fluid motor kw 0.09
Power source Power source KVA 5.5
fuel tankage For hydraulic equipment L 25
For lube L 2
For cutting fluid L 60
Machine volume Height mm 1560
Height from the ground to the center line of the spindle mm 1020
Floor space  mmxmm 1260X1165
Weight kg 1100

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