Saddle surface grinder SLZQ-84AHD/AS

Product Description

Schematic diagram of the front end of the spindle

   The size of the nose end of the main shaft is shortened, and the bearing position of the bearing is optimized, so that the spindle is more robust, and the grinding rigidity is stronger and more durable,


1, independent hydraulic oil tank to prevent oil temperature cause the deformation of castings, collision cylinder reduce cylinder cushioning impact strength, guarantee the grinding accuracy
2, the Y axis trimming wheel stepless speed regulation, and which is stable, improve the grinding fineness
3, Z axis using PLC control system, up and down with automatic feeding function, can be a multi machine operation, saving labor costs
4, AHD model curing type panel operation, the machine has a very high cost
    5 panel with 4.3 inch touch screen, can display the Z axis of the feed size, can be digitized to set the number of times and each feed,
Adjust the size of the disk suction.
6, AS models man-machine interface operation, menu type to fill in, Z axis more with the spindle pick up function, easy to learn more easy to operate, saving the factory training time

7, full circulation lubrication recycling system, enhance the precision of guide rail and driving part durable, prevent the machine oil, causing the ground dirty, staff to protect the personal safety, 5-6 months to replace a lubricating oil, saving the cost of oil

8, AS models to increase anti splash wall, prevent the grinding process of garbage and water mist into the machine tool

Specifications Unit SLZQ-84AHD/AS
Capacity Table size mm 800*400
Maximum displacement of left and right mm 900
Maximum displacement before and after mm 450
Distance Spindle Center-Table  mm 600
Max.load capacity kg 520
Work table T-slot mm*N 14*1
Table speed m/min 5-25
Before and after movement Front and rear wheels One frame mm 0.2
A circle mm 5
Automatic single maximum feed mm 0.5-10
Fast moving speed One frame mm 790
A circle mm 950
Top and bottom structure Maximum displacement mm 430
Upper and lower feed handwheel One frame mm 0.002
A circle mm 0.2
Automatic feed rate mm 0.002-0.04
Fast moving speed m/min 180
Sand wheel Sand wheel size mm 350*40*127
Spindle speed 50HZ R.p.m 1450
60HZ R.p.m 1740
Motor Spindle motor H*P 7.5*4
Up and down drive motor H*P stepper6N.M/servo400W
Hydraulic motor H*P 3*6
Flush motor H*P 1/8*2
Front and rear drive motor H*P stepper8N.M
Weight Net weight kg 3000
Gross weight kg 4000
Size Height mm 1910
Outline dimension mm 3600*2350

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