Saddle surface grinder SLZQ-200H

Product Description

1 saddle plane grinder 200H/AHD/AS with sliding seat moves the table and move around the spindle grinding head moves up and down structure
2 bed, slide, column, table and head seat are the use of advanced iron casting. Three dimensional computer software aided optimization design
3.X axis adopts independent hydraulic station and hydraulic cylinder to achieve smooth movement of X axis. Independent hydraulic station the temperature of the oil temperature rise of the host to minimize the variant.
4 and atherosclerosis models Y axis by a stepping motor through a belt is connected with the lead screw drive slide in bed before and after the movement, the realization of Y axis feed movement, smooth motion and continuously variable transmission
5, X axis, Y axis are all with wear-resistant film, by the artificial Precision Spade, its low wear can make the guide rail precision, processing accuracy can be guaranteed.
6, Z axis is inserted steel guide rail, the head seat and then by the artificial precision scraping.
7 Y axis uses the ball screw, the circulation oil lubrication, causes the silk pole to be smooth in the movement, and causes the silk pole to achieve the minimum attrition.
8 lubrication system: the use of automatic lubrication system to supply all the guide rails and guide screw. To ensure that all of the guide rail, key parts can be fully lubricated.
(H models are about automatic, before and after the manual type)

Specifications Unit SLZQ-200H
Capacity Table size mm 350*160
Maximum displacement of left and right mm 380
Maximum displacement before and after mm 200
Distance Spindle Center-Table  mm 445
Max.load capacity kg 100
Work table T-slot mm*N 14*1
Table speed m/min 5-23
Before and after movement Front and rear wheels One frame mm 0.02
A circle mm 4
Automatic single maximum feed mm /
Fast moving speed One frame mm /
A circle mm /
Top and bottom structure Maximum displacement mm 345
Upper and lower feed handwheel One frame mm 0.01
A circle mm 2
Automatic feed rate mm /
Fast moving speed m/min /
Sand wheel Sand wheel size mm 200*(6-20)*31.75
Spindle speed 50HZ R.p.m 2850
60HZ R.p.m 3420
Motor Spindle motor H*P 2*2
Up and down drive motor H*P /
Hydraulic motor H*P 1*4
Flush motor H*P 1/8*2
Front and rear drive motor H*P /
Weight Net weight kg 890
Gross weight kg 1100
Size Height mm 1645
Outline dimension mm 1610*1120

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