Manual precision surface grinding machine SLZQ-250M

Product Description

Manual precision grinder, ball guide rail, hand more portable, reduce the labor intensity, suitable for small and medium-sized mold, mold and parts machining.
1, the machine table size 460*200, working table to spindle center maximum distance 475mm, straight link type spindle, the radial runout < 0.002mm
2, spindle motor 2 horsepower two, 2850 rpm /min, parallel degree of smoothness is less than or equal to Ra0.25mm less than 0.005mm.

Specifications Unit SLZQ-250M
Capacity Table size mm 460*200
Maximum displacement of left and right mm 540
Maximum displacement before and after mm 240
Distance Spindle Center-Table  mm 475
Max.load capacity kg 150
Work table T-slot mm*N 14*1
Table speed m/min /
Before and after movement Front and rear wheels One frame mm 0.02
A circle mm 4
Automatic single maximum feed mm /
Fast moving speed One frame mm /
A circle mm /
Top and bottom structure Maximum displacement mm /
Upper and lower feed handwheel One frame mm /
A circle mm 2
Automatic feed rate mm /
Fast moving speed m/min /
Sand wheel Sand wheel size mm 200x(6-20)x31.75
Spindle speed 50HZ R.p.m 2850
60HZ R.p.m 3420
Motor Spindle motor H*P 2*2
Up and down drive motor H*P /
Hydraulic motor H*P /
Dust suction motor H*P 1/2*2
Flush motor H*P 1/8*2
Front and rear drive motor H*P /
Weight Net weight kg 1300
Gross weight kg 1500
Size Height mm 1775
Outline dimension mm 1800*1400

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