High Speed EDM Small Hole Drilling EDM【SLBM-BMD703-500CNC】

Product Description

Main Function:
1.There is a window on the machine bed for pump pressure, which is easy and convenient to look and adapt water pressure.
2.Servo control system is adopted and improved, which make drilling re-track speed 2 times quicker than dB703
3.There is slider water tank, which saves space and is more environmental.
4.There is oil-tank for lubrication, which is more convenient to operate and fluid to lubricate.
5.Able to drill various conductive metals, such as stainless steel, chilly steel, solid carbide, copper, aluminum etc.
6.Able to drill holes range from diameter 0.2- 3mm with max depth-diameter ration 300: 1.
7.It is more stable while drilling hole of 0.2mm
8.Drilling speed 30-60mm/min
9.Able to drill directly into bevel or curve surface.
10.Three axis digital display
11.Drilling depth positioning function for Z axis
12.Control system can drill group hole and positioning automatically.

Specification Unit SLBM-BMD703-500CNC
Worktable size mm 590X410
Table travel mm 500X400
Z axis stroke (two times) mm 300+(320)
Processing depth mm 0-300
Maximum processing speed mm/min 60
Maximum working current A 30
Processing aperture range mm ∅0.2-∅3.0
Table bearing kg 300
Working fluid Water / soap
Water Tank Capacity L 30
Power supply for machine tool 380V/50HZ
Maximum power consumption KVA 3.5
Weight kg 900
Two stroke control mode Electric
digital display Three axis digital display
Z axis fixed depth function Yes
Machine tool dimensions mm 1379X1429X1886

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