High Speed EDM Small Hole Drilling EDM【SLBM-BMD703-400】

Product Description

Small Ejector Pin Holes Drilling Machine Applications:
High speed small hole drilling machine adopt electrode to drill hole according electrical discharge theory, put on high frequency Pulse electrical power between electrode and workpiece to create small pulse, cooperate with high pressure water plush to make more higher speed erosion, especially fit to drill hole diameter as 0.2mm-3.0mm on stainless, hardenedsteel, cooper, aluminum, and hardalloysteel, the depth-diameter ration can reach to 300:1. Be able to drill directly into bevel or curve surface.This hole drilling machine is widely used to drill hole which used to be thread wire,and chemical fiber spinneret, spinneret hole of spinneret plate, filter plate, group holes of sieve plate,engine blade,heat dissipation hole of cylinder,the hydraulic,oil way of air operated valve,stomata. Hole pop EDM is ideal for parts requiring start holes, vent holes, coolant holes, ejector pin holes or other blind holes, and is useful in removing broken taps and drill bits.The hole drilling EDM machine can also erode the drill bit or taps broken in the working piece without destroy the original hole or screw.
Small Ejector Pin Holes Drilling Machine Characteristics:
Small Hole Drilling EDM Machine (SLBM-BMD703-400) characteristics:
1.Can drill deep hole with diameters 0.2mm ~ 3mm (the depth-diameter ratio is 300: 1)
2.The speed of drilling hole is 30mm~60mm depth per minute (it is different for different material)
3.Can drill wire-cut starting hole, filter hole, jet hole, gas hole, group holes and hole of super depth etc.
4.Can drill small holes on the various conductive materials, even semiconductor material, especially stainless steel, chilled steel, copper, aluminium and hard alloy etc
5.Can drill on oblique and curved surface directly
6.Can easily erode the drill and screw tap etc which is broken in the workpiece and not destroy the screw thread of the holes
7.The working water can be normal water or saponification fluid and no pollution is brought
8.The operation is easy and convenient
9.X, Y, Z axes have digital display devices
10.Z axis has the function of setting depth

Specification Unit SLBM-BMD703-400
Worktable size mm 480X310
Table travel mm 400X300
Z axis stroke (two times) mm 300+(320)
Processing depth mm 0-300
Maximum processing speed mm/min 60
Maximum working current A 30
Processing aperture range mm ∅0.2-∅3.0
Table bearing kg 300
Working fluid Water / soap
Water Tank Capacity L 30
Power supply for machine tool 380V/50HZ
Maximum power consumption KVA 3.5
Weight kg 700
Two stroke control mode Electric
digital display Three axis digital display
Z axis fixed depth function Yes
Machine tool dimensions mm 1236X1025X1934

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