Fiber laser cutting machine with cover SLHS-M3015A(500W)

Product Description

1. Fully closed protective cover and integrated design, coving space of only 19m2, left and right collecting drawers design highly saving space.     

2. Equipped with US IPG fiber laser source, Japan Sanyo servo motor and Taiwan Hiwai ball screw and guide rail.

3. Adopt Japanese SMC intellignet gas group design, with low-pressure drilling, automatic gas swiching and pressure detecting functions. 

4. Specially used for cutting 0.5-6mm carbon steel, 0.5-3mm stainless steel, galvanized steel, electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet, silicon steel and other kinds of thin metal sheets(The thickness and materials depend on different fiber laser source).

Transmitting structure Precise ball screw transmitting
Max running speed 40/min
X/Y location precision 0.05mm/m
Power Supply 380v 50Hz
X/Y repeated location precision ±0.05mm
Laser source power 500-2000W
Running Temperature 0°C-40°C
Max. accelarated speed 0.3G
Applied Materials Thin mild steel, stainless steel and other kinds of metallic sheets

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