Drilling and Milling SLAS-ZX7050

Product Description

Adopting gears as the main transmission approach, SLAS-ZX7050 Bench drilling and milling machine is featured in large torque,capable of fulfilling the tasks such as boring,broaching and reaming as well as different types of milling.The boring and milling capability of the machine is unique.
The gears are lubricated with oil-immersion method,which ensures the smooth running and reduces the noise.

Specifications Unit SLAS-ZX7050
Capacity Drilling capacity(casting) mm 50
Milling capacity and mill cutter(steel parts) mm 45
Tapping diameter(casting) /
Tapping diameter(steel parts) /
Milling capacity end mill cutter(max.) mm 32
Milling capacity cutter head(max.) mm 100
Spindle Spindle taper MT4
Spindle speed rpm 40-995
Spindle speed steps 6
Distance soindle-column mm 310
Spindle holeong fixture Z-axis travel mm 150
Z-axis feed Manual
Column Column diameter mm 130
Cross table Table(LxW) mm 800x240
Table load kg 100
X-Axis Travel mm 190
Y-Axis Travel mm 575
T-slot 14mm/60mm/3
Spindle to cross table(max.) mm 600
Spindle to table bottom(max.) mm /
Electric supply Motor kw 1.1
Motor coolant pump w /
Size and weight Overall size(LxWxH) mm 825x1140x1635
Packing size(LxWxH) mm 820x1050x1500
Weight kg 340

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