Drilling and Milling SLAS-ZX7032

Product Description

1.The machine has compact size and is easy to install.Its capability to bore 31.5mm holes is unique among similar products.
2.The belt transmission turns out 12 different speeds ranging from 96 rounds/min to 2107 rounds/min,optional according to the customers'specific needs.
3.This model enjoys flexible speed adjustment method.To adjust the speed,simply open the case and loose the handle.
4.A fine adjustment mechanism is attached on the advancing system of the main shaft,which contributes to the improved processing quality of the drilling and milling.

Specifications Unit SLAS-ZX7032
Capacity Drilling capacity(casting) mm 31.5
Milling capacity and mill cutter(steel parts) mm 31.5
Tapping diameter(casting) M12
Tapping diameter(steel parts) M12
Milling capacity end mill cutter(max.) mm 22
Milling capacity cutter head(max.) mm 80
Spindle Spindle taper MT3
Spindle speed rpm 96-2107
Spindle speed steps 12
Distance soindle-column mm 202.5
Spindle holeong fixture Z-axis travel mm 130
Z-axis feed Manual
Column Column diameter mm 115
Cross table Table(LxW) mm 730x210
Table load kg 100
X-Axis Travel mm 180
Y-Axis Travel mm 500
T-slot 14mm/45mm/4
Spindle to cross table(max.) mm 460mm
Spindle to table bottom(max.) mm /
Electric supply Motor kw 1.5
Motor coolant pump w /
Size and weight Overall size(LxWxH) mm 1050x1010x1100
Packing size(LxWxH) mm 760x1070x1143
Weight kg 275

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