Desktop laser engraving machine SLHS-HS-Z4030(25W CO2 from China)

Product Description

1.Industrial design, little space taking, delicate appearance, various colors are optional.
2. Small and nice-looking full touch screen, easy to operate, convenient, smoothly working buttons and high stability.
3. DSP intelligent main board, can work offline and date transfer by USB flash disk.
4. Engraving speed is enhanced, highest engraving speed in China, reaching 700mm/s, accelerated speed is 3G.
5.A whole piece of aluminum oxide work table, equipped with up and down table with ascending and descending extension of 120mm.
6.Taiwan imported linear guide rail and incorporated design, suitable for engraving in a high precision.
7. Equipped with red dot pointer, and the red dot pointer is equipped with control button, red dot can be swithed on and off any time, making locating more convenient and precise.
8.LED lighting, humanized design, full table without dark area.
9.Special alarm lamp made by mould only for this desktop engraver, it has two-color alarming functions.

Working table 400*300mm
Power 25W CO2 glass/RF metal laser tube and 20W fiber laesr source
Location precision <0.1mm
Power Supply AC220V/AC110V±10% 50HZ/60HZ
Repeated precision ±0.1mm
Machine gross power < 1250W
Running Temperature 5°C-40°C
Running himidity 5% - 95%
Working mode Cutting engraving lines marking(RF metal/CO2 glass tube) and engraving(fiber laser source)





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