Double spindle turning center machine series SLGP-400S

Product Description
Capacities Max swing dia over bed(mm) φ580
Max swing dia over slide(mm) φ350
Max machining diameter(mm) φ250(X axis and the special hydraulic knife tower overall protection)
Max distance between the two chuck(mm) 480 500
Max workpiece length(mm) 450 480
Travel X2 axis(mm) 230
Z2 axis(mm) 530
Z3 axis Max moving distance (of a pair)(mm) 530
Feeds Control axis 5Axis(X2+Z2+Z3+C1+C2)
X2 ball screw 3208-C3
Recommended X2 shaft motor torque (N·m) ≥10
Z2 ball screw 3208-C3
Recommended Z2 shaft motor torque (N·m) ≥15
Z3 ball screw 3208-C3
Recommended Z3 shaft motor torque (N·m) ≥15
Body Angle of inclination 45°overall casting body
Rail span(mm) 400
Sleeve type spindle unit Max spindle speed(rpm) Positive:4500,Negative:4500 Positive:4500,Negative:4500
Spindle hole(mm) Positive:φ61,Negative:φ56 Positive:φ56,Negative:φ56
Shaft end type Positive:A2-6,Negative:A2-5 Positive:A2-5,Negative:A2-5
Spindle  motor (kW) Positive: 7.5,Negative:5.5 Positive: 5.5,Negative:5.5
Optional:Hydraulic cylinder/chuck Positive:8 inch, Negative:6 inch Positive:6 inch, Negative:6 inch
Spindle hole

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