Product Description

Machine description
1, the body is the resin sand to stress the high grade cast iron, the working table uses the HT300 high frequency quenching. Machine tool structure is reasonable, not deformation, good rigidity, durable, precision remains unchanged;
2, using the fixed working table type design, the configuration of X.Y.Z three axis linear guide, double nut ball screw; XYZ axis using Japanese AC servo system;
3, the main computer uses Taiwan industrial control computer, each function module is controlled by a special single chip microcomputer, which greatly improves the real-time performance and stability;
4, has a good human-computer interaction interface, the operation is simple, intuitive and convenient. Rich processing technology database, to provide customers with convenient operation;
5, pulse power supply for a single pulse real-time monitoring, can effectively control waveform and reduce the loss, in the narrow gap, narrow slot especially deep blind hole processing have a significant effect;
6, reliable safety device: liquid level control, flame monitoring device, pull arc, short circuit adaptive processing function;
7, the best surface roughness 0.2um, minimum electrode loss 0.3%

Specification Unit SLBM-EDMN650CNC
Working Tank (LxWxH) mm 1612X985X540
Table Size (LxW) mm 900X500
X axis mm 600
Y axis mm 400
Z axis mm 350
Attachment mounting plate to working table top Min. mm 350
Max. mm 700
Maximum weight of workpiece kg 2000
Maximum electrode weight kg 150
Oil tank top level mm 330
Filter tank capacity L 1000
Control mode matching AC/DC
Standard electric current cabinet A 100
Oil Tank mm 1900X1600X510
Size mm 2040X2320X2530
Weight  kg 4000

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