Product Description

Main features:
1.Steady safety device, optical sensors, auto answer, fire extinguisher and power cut off.
2.Good machine structure , high rigidity ,high precision , adopt V slide design.
3.Adopt HT300 aging treatment casting ,keep precision long time.
4.Adopt high quality imported oil pump.
5.Three-axis linear scale.
6.For copper, graphite, steel, on the cavity, and special shape holes machining
7.Lubrication system uses recovery mode, rail lubrication action at once, and keep the look clean.
8.Equipped with Taiwan IPC configuration, the parameters can automatic set up. LCD display.
9.The new design meets European CE safety standards. Can be dustproof, waterproof, anti-interference and improve the life of electronic board.
10.There is automatical A. R. C carbon surveillant device to prevent destroying workingpiece.
11..Steady circuit of big area electrode.
12.High and low clearance individual circuit.
13.PWM servo system, standard DC servo motor.
14.Synchronous discharge system of high voltage superposited.
15.Square wave and equal energy output.
16.Circuits of super-fine process.
17.Capacity of mirror process (negative pole)

Specification Unit EDMN450CNC
Working Tank (LxWxH) mm 1200X850X450
Table Size (LxW) mm 700X400
X axis mm 450
Y axis mm 350
Z axis mm 300
Attachment mounting plate to working table top Min. mm 300
Max. mm 600
Maximum weight of workpiece kg 1000
Maximum electrode weight kg 80
Oil tank top level mm 290
Filter tank capacity L 800
Control mode matching AC/DC
Standard electric current cabinet A 60
Oil Tank mm 1700X1500X450
Size mm 1640X2200X2250
Weight  kg 3500

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