CNC Lathe SLYJ-CK6180-1500

Product Description
CNC lathe series is widely used standard automatic metal processing equipment at present, which is suitable for processing large size metal parts and components with complex shape such as shaft and disc; it will greatly improve the processing efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of the workers when it is used to process great mass of parts.   This series of lathe is reliable in accuracy and stability and easy in operating and programming, it can undertake various turning works such as turning inner and outer cylindrical surface, so it is applied widely and is a kind of ideal metal processing equipment.
Basic Max. Dia. swing over bed mm Φ800
Max. Dia. swing over cross slide mm Φ550
Distance between centers mm 1500
Max. length of machining mm 1350
Width of bed way mm 550
Main motor kw 11 (direct drive)
Coolant pump motor kw 0.125
Spindle Spindle bore mm Φ104
Spindle speed (frequency conversion) r/min 2 steps: 30-200 / 200-800
Tool post Number of tool stations -- 4
Size of tool section mm 32×32
Feed Z axis servo motor kw/Nm Fanuc:2.5/20 Siemens:2.3/15
X axis servo motor kw/Nm Fanuc:1.4/10.5 Siemens:1.5/10
Z axis travel mm 1250
X axis travel mm 450
X/Z axis rapid traverse speed mm/min 4000
Number of feed and screw pitch mm 0.001-40
Accuracy Positioning accuracy mm 0.02
Repositioning accuracy mm 0.01
CNC system
Fanuc -- Fanuc Oi Mate TD
Siemens -- Siemens 808D
Tailstock Tailstock quill diameter mm Φ100
Tailstock quill taper mores m5#
Tailstock quill travel mm 250
Others Dimension(L/W/H) mm 3660×1360×1645
Net weight (kg) kg 4200
Gross weight kg 5200
Accessory Tool post 1 set 4 position NC turret
Chuck 1 set Φ325 three-jaw manual chuck
Center rest 1 set Φ150
Package Standard export package 1 set Steel pallet iron frame and plywood box
Spindle speed steps

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