CNC Drilling SLAS-ZK4640

Product Description

SLAS-ZK4640cnc drilling machine,an electromechanical integration design ensures the compact structure and esthetic appearance;
The feed for spindle transmission system of ZK4640 cnc drilling machine uses the high accuracy ball bearing guide screw,the localization is precise,the precision stability is good,specially using in the blind hole decides the deep precision high work piece;
The feeding is realized by means of CNC system,capable of realizing a cycle comprising fast forward→ fine forware→ fast backward(chip removal),the efficiency prominently improved. In addition,an orders are designed specifically for drilling operation,which simplifies the operation and improves the effectiveness ;
According to user is requirements,it can change from drilling to tapping,from drilling to milling,cutomatic to manually,and install of multiaxial. That can reduce time,change processes,improve work efficiency.

Specifications Unit SLAS-ZK4640
Capacity Drilling capacity(max.) mm 40
Accuracy Repeating accuracy mm 0.015
Positioning accuracy mm 0.025
Spindle Spindle taper MT4
Spindle speed rpm 67-1780
Spindle speed steps 12
Distance soindle-column mm 350
Column spacing mm 500
Spindle holeong fixture Z-axis travel mm 200
Z-axis feed mm/min 0-5000
Lifting speed mm/min 355
Column Column diameter mm 165
Cross table Lifting speed mm/min /
Table(LxW) mm 1070x400
Table load kg 200
T-slot 14mm/100mm/3
Spindle to cross table(max.) mm 600
Spindle to table bottom(max.) mm /
Electric supply Motor kw 2.2/2.8
Motor coolant pump w 40
Size and weight Overall size(LxWxH) mm 1400x1400x2400
Packing size(LxWxH) mm 1570x1480x2000
Weight kg 2000

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