CNC Drilling SLAS-ZK4016

Product Description
Specifications Unit SLAS-ZK4016
Capacity Drilling capacity(max.) mm 16
Accuracy Repeating accuracy mm 0.015
Positioning accuracy mm 0.025
Spindle Spindle taper MT4
Spindle speed rpm 400-3000
Spindle speed steps stepless
Distance soindle-column mm 350
Column spacing mm /
Spindle holeong fixture Z-axis travel mm 200
Z-axis feed mm/min 0-5000
Lifting speed mm/min 355
Column Column diameter mm 165
Cross table Lifting speed mm/min /
Table(LxW) mm 500x500
Table load kg 100
T-slot 14mm/125mm/4
Spindle to cross table(max.) mm 650
Spindle to table bottom(max.) mm /
Electric supply Motor kw 4
Motor coolant pump w 40
Size and weight Overall size(LxWxH) mm 1060x600x2290
Packing size(LxWxH) mm 1020x1410x2000
Weight kg 800

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