Bridge surface grinding machine SLZQ-2210AS

Product Description

1, using the mature Longmen style structure, the working table moves to the "double V" guide rail, the stability is good, the precision is high
2, independent of the main hydraulic system and rail lubrication system, the maximum extent to avoid the influence of temperature change on the thermal deformation of the bed
Improve the stability of the machine and processing consistency, fully enclosed oil supply, oil return, to extend the service life of hydraulic oil, convenient maintenance
3, a program controlled machine tool in the design of cancelled on feed handwheel manual and feed the handwheel, step by step or servo motor control system
The use of electronic handwheel feed, but also can set up automatic feed and feeding times, the operation is simple and convenient
4, grinding spindle standard for high precision rolling bearings (P4) spindle system, high precision, bearing capacity, high surface quality of workpiece

Specifications Unit SLZQ-2210AS
Capacity Table size mm 2200*1000
Maximum displacement of left and right mm 2350
Maximum displacement before and after mm 1100
Distance Spindle Center-Table  mm 220-880
Bottom surface of cross beam to work table mm 730
Max.load capacity kg 3000
Post spacing mm 1350
Work table T-slot mm*N 22*5
Table speed m/min 10-28
Beam Front and rear wheels One frame mm 0.005
A circle mm 0.5
Automatic single maximum feed mm 30
Fast moving speed mm/min 1500
Top and bottom structure Electronic hand wheel One frame mm 0.005
A circle mm 0.5
Up and down automatic feed mm 0.005-0.10
Up and down fast moving speed mm/min 400
Sand wheel Sand wheel size mm 500*60*203
Spindle speed r/min 1450
Motor Wheelhead motor power HP*P 15*4
Hydraulic motor HP*p 10*6
Front and back stepping motor w 400
Up and down servo motor kw 1
Weight Net weight kg 12000
Gross weight kg 15000
Size Height mm 3250
Outline dimension mm 6000*2800*3300

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