Arm type waterjet cutting machine SLRC-RC1212

Product Description
One set water jet cutting machine including 4 parts
Waterjet cutting table Parameter of the cutting table
1.structure:3-axis Flying arm
2.Processing dimension:1200mm*1200mm
3.cutting table size:1300mm*1300mm
5.cutting accuracy:±0.1mm
6.repeat positioning accuracy:±0.05mm
7.The user can loading and unloading parts from 3 direction
8.Using cutting platform bed with spilt design, cutting unshocks, improve the cutting accuracy
Supercharger cabinet Parameter of the supercharger
1.type of pressurization:hydraulic.                                                
2.Main motor power:30KW
3.Maximum pressure:450MPa
4.Normal operating pressure:350-380MPa
5.Power supply:415/380/220V AC 3P
6.Cooling: water-cooled(you also choose wind or oil cooling)
7.Accumulator(adopted Taiwan imported High pressure material)
8.Man-machine can show you some alarm records, for example, lack of water or oil, leak water or oil, over pressure, over temperature, and Maintenance time, etc
CNC controller Parameter of the supercharger
1.CNC control, apply 15 inch LCD
2.WIN XP system, compatible ASC,IGS,DXF and DWG, etc graphic design software
3.It can also send and receive files by internet TCP/IP , USB port and PC.
4.Adopt specialized water jet cutting CAD/CAM software
5.Servo Driver from Japan(Yaskawa )
Auto Abrasive Delivery System Parameter of the auto abrasive
     1.Pneumatics technology support, safe and reliable.
2.It can provide sand with 2 waterjet cutting machine at the same time.
3.Store 200kg of sand at a time
4.The worker can add the abrasive directly without stop the waterjet cutting machine

Users can loading and unloading parts from three directions,to overcome the narrow space gantry machine handling shortcomings.

Servo drives,configure Taiwan ball screws,linearguides,can achieve seamless movement to ensure smooth operation of the machine to ensure a smooth drive.

Dustproof device quality,all with integral stainless steel dust cover,beautiful and durable,easy to scrub.

Using cutting platform bed with split design,cutting from shocks,improve cutting accuracy.

Steel base,beams imported high quality seamless steel pipe,invisible change.

Using pneumatic control water switch valve,greatly improve the life of the water off valve needle.

Our waterjet cutting machine is safe and easy to operate!

1.About safe?How?

The waterjet cutting machine is the ultra high pressure equipment.

If the pressure is unstable when it working,  it is easy to cause the safety accidents.

This is our double oil way structure,one way is some oil will go inside the oil tank, and the other one is some oil will go to the water cooling tank. So wen can control the oil temperature very well.

2. Why our waterjet cutting machine is easy to operate?



Structure from


Cutting table size

1300mm x 1300mm










CNC Contoller

Step Systcm/AC Servo System






Traverse speed


Power supply


Main motor power

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