Historical background of SyiL

The founder started trade and manufacturing IT industry early. Come to understand the contradictions in the industrial machinery relatively backward conditions are difficult to produce high-quality products,especially small parts machining machine tools products based in China mainland market generally scarce at that time the number of large and medium-sized machine tools market work, but does not apply to the processing of small parts, therefore convinced that only a small machine tools to precision machining of small parts, and hope to improve this situation.

Syil was founded in 2005 after in manufacturing IT products, accessories and began to develop miniaturized machine tool products. Meanwhile Chinese economy has entered a period of rapid development, machinery manufacturing industry is also gradually grow more and more users realize that the small workpiece urgent need proper tools for processing, so naturally Syil meet this huge market demand.

Early syil products relatively backward technology standards, especially often can not meet the needs of customers on the accuracy and efficiency.for many years to learn Japan and South Korea machine tools and improve their quality and technical precipitation, and ultimately get the trust of customers in Japan, until now there are still a lot of products to used.

At the same time, we recognize that there are a lot of high quality machine tools in China suppliers,they are also applicable to the international market and demands, so we started the Syil.com project to expand the greater business areas.