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SYIL's CNC machine applications in Thailand

Launching the SYIL 5 Series in the Thai manufacturing industry.

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This is an introduction to the Small CNC Milling Machine SYIL 5 and the V-Series Machining Center are used in the Thai market.

How to go to Bangkok, of course, the plane!

As always, the choice of HK express mainly because of cheap, if the reservation is scheduled to be lucky will be only 20$ a ticket (of course not the tax, what you want), but remember to be reserved for 6 hours for next flight because of frequent delays by this airline.

Now to the southwest hemisphere are basically from the Hong Kong airport transfer, mainly have a lot delicious food at there, the past few years basically the airport to eat all restaurant, try to use credit card, cash is if the RMB yuan currency will be to be one to one, change back is also Hong Kong dollars, A little pit ~ ~

Flight time two and a half hours, basically time difference one hour. Hong Kong Airlines can choose to enjoy the upgrade to the boarding pass, business class 1000 Hong Kong dollars, economy class plus200 Hong Kong dollars.

Using UBER to MARRIOTT apartment for almost half hour.

The second-day morning passing by CentralWorld to thanks the Erawan Bangkok.then starting to visit SIAMELMATECH.

Some information about SYIL MACHINE CORP Thailand Partner:

Siam Elmatech Co., Ltd. was established on Nov.20, 1995. The company commenced operations as importer and Agent of Machinery used in Mould / Die and Parts productions industries. The company provides after sale service such as Installation, Training, Repair, Maintenance etc. to the machines those we sold and for some machines those requested from our valuable customers.

Starting as an Agent for CDM Rovella Brand EDM Maker from Italy, today the company has been growth and expanded to have many kinds of machinery to cover all need in the Mould / Die and Parts productions industries such as EDM both Die Sinker and Wire cut also Super Drill EDM included, Surface Grinder, Milling both conventional and NC Controlled, CNC Machining Center, HSC CNC Machining Center etc. Those machinery makers are originated in Europe and Taiwan.

The principle is used to decide for products selection to add in the sales program for our company is strongly specific that we must able to take care of the most percentage activity for after sale ourselves. We will ready prepare ourselves before step into any new technology or new kinds of machine. This is the reason brought our company to be consistency growth during many years past.

Vertical CNC Machining Center

The partner company is like a small garden, the layout is very interesting.

And then visited Almond (Thailand) Ltd. Is our old customers, the main production of jewelry. The boss is an American, 70 years after the end of the Vietnam War to do business in Thailand, and now the development of enterprises is very good. Some of the introduction to their company:

Almond Thailand, AT was established since July 1st, 1987 with the total land space of 2.6 Acre, factory space of 3,099 square meters and with more than 1,000 employees. AT specializes in various areas including final assembly of lightweight tubular and stamping products as well as casting and gemstone setting.

Our Small CNC Milling Machine SYIL 5 has been in use, but the specific production process is not very clear during the confidential internally. Also hope one day be able to suppliers for PANDORA jewelry.

Small CNC Milling Machine
cheap Small CNC Milling Machine
Small CNC Mills

After dinner, the day of the trip is over, the water gate market Hainan chicken rice is very famous, and the giant cheap!

The next day began to go to visit another user.

NIDEC current production facilities in Thailand, Philippines, China's Suzhou factory are both using SYIL 5 CNC Mills, mainly CNC processing computer hard disk.

Some of the company's introduction: We, Nidec Corporation, are the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer.This page introduces you to our corporate philosophy, management policy and vision, and corporate history, as well as information about group companies and major bases.

cnc machining
Small CNC Milling Machine

After passing through Chinatown with some food, I finish this short business trip, there are many other users can not visit, but we will see at next time.

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