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CNC Machine in some Indonesian users Application by SYIL

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For the first time, the trip to Indonesia​

This is a blog for SYIL CNC Milling Machine in the Indonesian market.

For the first time to take the intercity train, fast, quiet, high quality. SYIL MACHINE CORP production of CNC machine tools is also such a high quality. Take the HK express direct flight to Hong Kong, and then by Cathay Pacific direct flights to Jakarta.

After 5 hours of flight time arrive at the Jakarta, the time difference is one hour. Indonesian partners arrange direct pick-up to the hotel.

The next day to go to the company after a simple meeting then to visit the users. here the introduction of the SYIL partner Frist Machinery:

First Machinery Trade Co (FMTC) known as a company that engaged in trading business as a supplier and distributor for various machines especially for computerized numerical control (CNC) machines. We provide the best quality that supports automotive industry, mining & heavy duty equipment industry, mold & dies industry, including railway & aircraft industries.

With the experiences that established along the way, it made us into a growing and reliable company, as well as one of the top distributor, 's in Asia's Market especially in Indonesia.

Visit the user's factory, their equipment is very good, including five-axis machining center, metal 3D printer, and many testing types of equipment. And training staff to operate CNC system.

The third day, take the plane to another city.

Users through the SYIL 5 small CNC machine tools to do training, and they also have a lot of very good equipment.

Our CNC machine tools are widely used in the Indonesian market, in the smallest space, high-quality, efficient production, to achieve the lowest single cost, but also thanks to partners and customer support. Goodbye Jakarta!

The way back to Hong Kong in Harbor City found sound system products good, very beautiful shape, but very expensive.

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