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Application of CNC Milling Machine in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Successful application of SYIL's CNC machines in Shanghai's automotive industry.

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With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the efficient, high precision and high stability of the key components of the automobile are effective measures to shorten the production cycle and improve the enterprise's efficiency and competitiveness.​

Some of the application case for the V series Machining Center in the automotive parts manufacturing.

Shanghai Lingang Industrial Area is the largest industrial development project upon Shanghai’s entering 21st century. As a national-level equipment industry base, aviation industry base and bonded logistics base, Lingang Industrial Area has always been promoting the high-end equipment manufacturing in China. To "practice the strategy of the state, use the advantages of Shanghai, and display the international competitiveness", with the industry orientation of "high-end manufacturing,extreme manufacturing and independent manufacturing", Lingang has formed six major industrial bases focusing on State New Energy Equipment, Key Marine Parts & Components, Offshore Engineering, Motor Vehicle Assembly & Parts, large-scale logistics and engineering machinery, civil aviation equipment and key components. It is striving to build strategic new industrial parks with the Aviation Driven Power Industrial Zone,Pollution-free and Energy-saving Industrial Zone, Remanufacturing Industrial Zone so as to transform itself into an innovation center with global influence.

SYIL 7 CNC Milling Machine provide up and down processing, assembly, cutting, deburring and another precision machining, while the integration of robot automation application system services. The following is part of the application case.

CNC Milling machine
Mini CNC Mills
CNC Milling machine with robotics
CNC Milling machine robot
CNC Milling machine for machining

Performance advantages: in the smallest footprint, high-quality, efficient production, to achieve the lowest single cost.

CNC Milling machine

The pursuit of high productivity, high precision, high efficiency. The most suitable for precision small parts of the high-speed small machine.

small cnc milling machine
CNC Milling Machine
cnc machining

SYIL V Vertical Machining Center, CNC Machining Center. Strong, fast, reliable and efficient production of the model, the design and manufacture of the starting point from the demand for mass production to meet the parts, especially for automotive parts manufacturing.

CNC Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center

This type of CNC machining center can be arranged close to each other, can make better use of valuable site space, to achieve unit manufacturing. The unique structural design of this machine can be achieved only in the front or rear of the machine to achieve service and operating space.

vertical cnc machine center
vertical CNC machining center

Another unique feature of the series is its spindle torque and power compared to other small machining centers.

CNC Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center

For aerospace, medical, defense 3C, automotive and other industries to provide high value-added, difficult to process materials, and complex parts processing solutions.

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